ngoHeroes is the first online specialized employment services platform, with primary objective to connect the 3rd sector with the most suitable professionals and enhancing professionalism within the ecosystem of NGOs in Greece.

Objectives of ngoHeroes include:

  • Interconnection of professionals with the 3rd Sector in Greece
  • Empowering the culture of NGOs in Greece
  • Equal opportunities within and outside urban cities
  • Strengthening the prestige and credibility of 3rd Sector in Greece
Empathy as a tool for Vaccination

The “Civil Act“, the “Empathize with me doctor” and the “Association of Athens’ Pediatricians” implemented one-day workshop in order to change the attitude and mindset towards anti-vaccination perceptions through the empathic approach. The main pillars of the workshop are the experiential way of learning, the interactivity and the training of health professionals in the empathy skills when faced with cases of refusal of vaccination.